DankDaddy HydroSoil System
a truly revolutionary   hybrid growing system

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Do you want to grow with the best? The DankDaddy HydroSoil system is the latest in growing technology featuring ModularHydro's exclusive air injection technology for soil.

Maximize the yield of your grow cycle with up to 50% increased growth rates!

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How does HydroSoil stand out from other growing technologies?

HydroSoil growth technology provides amazing yields by utilizing our exclusive Air Injection Technology for Soil.

The AIT constantly supplies the soil with oxygen allowing you to keep the soil in a constant state of saturation. The increased saturation of the soil ensures the plants development & growth is never limited by the amount of water or nutrients in the system and provides a soil buffer to prevent "nutrient lock-out".

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What is AIT for SOIL?

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