Air Injection Technology, or AIT, is Modular Hydro's proprietary technology. The idea behind the Air Injection Technology is to defuse the air into the water more evenly and focuses more on maximum bubble count rather than larger bubbles. AIT has many times more bubbles diffused in the water than a traditional air stone.

Air Injection Technology for hydroponics comes in many sizes to match perfectly with multiple reservoir dimensions and set ups. The most advanced low profile & light weight air delivery system for your hydroponic needs.

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Introducing a truly revolutionary growing technology, Air Injection Technology for SOIL. Enjoy up to 50% faster growth rates!

Twelve major benefits include:
  1. Reduced/Eliminated threat of pathogens
  2. "Caverns" & "airtubes" constantly work to circulate soil
  3. Soil saturation reduces/eliminates bugs & spider mites
  4. Eliminates over/under watering
  5. Increased rate of nutrient uptake
  6. Reduced/Eliminated balling of roots
  7. Plants maintain saturation 24/7
  8. Maximize growth with minimal light
  9. Reduced/Eliminated leaching of soil
  10. Minimizes leaf burn
  11. Uses less water & nutrients
  12. Perlite & vermicolite unnecessary
Watch our short video that explains these 12 major benefits!

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Air Injection Technology for Soil Videos

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A.I.T. SPIDER 9" & 17"

The AIT Spider will provide more air and oxygen than an air stone. It is designed to fit a 5 gallon bucket and is truly state-of-the-art for growing DWC.

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A.I.T. Grid 8x9, 12x9, & 20x9

The AIT Grid will provide more air and oxygen than an air stone. It is designed to fit a rectangular shaped resevoir. The 12"x9" model is available for use with either a single or dual outlet air pump.

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